Mortgage Facts & Fixes

For most folks, their home is the most expensive purchase and they usually need financing. But if you're a cash buyer, just skip this page and go straight to Contact Me...please.


However, for mere mortals there are lots of mortgage sources and a variety of products. Financing options, rates and fees vary widely, so it is important to do the research and shop around. I'll be glad to fill you in on the current scene and answer any questions you may have. My previous experience in owning and operating SouthCoast Financial Group, an Orange County mortgage banking firm, might also help.


Mortgage Definitions

Terminology can be confusing. Further confusion is caused by different states using different mortgage structures. Fortunately there are only two types and these are both explained under the Mortgage/Trust Deeds tab.


Mortgage Fixes

In addition to the calculators, there is information about "fixes" for troubled loans that explain the federal HAMP and HAFA programs.


The mortgage calculators below can assist in making some decisions about financing...


Mortgage Qualification Calculator

This calculator will help determine how much you could qualify for.


Mortgage Payment Calculator & Amortization Table

This calculator will help determine what your mortgage payments would be based on purchase price, interest rate and mortgage term, etc. The amortization table shows what the interest and principal payments would be over the term of the mortgage.